Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Nightmare which haunts me till date.....

Hmmm......well this one I definitely will never forget for the rest of my life!

Std 8th....the first time am ever set to bowl in a cricket tournament for my school team. I can vividly remember the happenings of the day. It was as if it happen y'day. The match was played in the Pachayappa's college, the weather was cool, the pitch - damp, and the outfield slushy due to the overnight rain and the sky overcast ready to send down some sharp showers anytime. The above being the scenario, the match was reduced to a 15 over - a - side. We won the toss and elected to bat first. We started off well and slumped on to make 45 in the allotted 15 overs, not a big score to defend. We went on to bowl. The match was evenly poised, and over the course went very much in the favor of our opponents. That was when I remember Madhu sir, our coach prompted Ravi Shankar the captain for the day to bring me into the attack. Remember as I'd said this was the 1st match I was ever bowling in a tournament. The scoreboard read 36/6 at the end of 12th over. End of my over - score - 38/7 - with an important wicket down, the player in form tried to haul it over perished for a brilliant catch at squareleg. They needed 6 runs to win the match. I remember the 14th over being bowled by a medium pacer. Scoreboard - Unforunately there was a four in the over which made the match almost to a close. The score now read 44/7. The final (15th over) was to be bowled by me. chck out the ball by ball happenings....
1st ball - defence - no run
2rd ball - try to steal a single - run out (44/8)
3rd ball - defence - no run
4th ball - defence - no run
5th ball - clean bowled - wicket (44/9)

Well................Well, everything went on till the last ball came.

final ball of the match - No ball - one run - takes the score now to a tie (45/9)
final ball of the match - Umpire calls it a wide - they've won the match!!


So close yet so far........................... ;((((

man, what a match that was.............almost took us to a win and finally ending up in a disaster!

We walked out from the ground and all of us I remmbr bent down, not able to loook up to our coach...we were almost crying...almost everyone of us!! Shaks....wht ve i done!!


That match was lost, but luckily not the tournament, 'cos it was found out that the team we'd lost to had some players who were 'over-aged' - (read: a person who is above 13 cannot play at a Under-13 tournament). Thus by God' grace we got a re-match to play against the same team and this time we won - no hassles but comfortably!!

The nightmare still haunts me till date.......and am trying to find solace under the fact that we won the re-match and eventually the tournament!!


Boston said...

hey gooje, good that u are blogging! btw u really cant save things in the last minute, I think your two overs were good, just that you guys messed during the 1st session, batting!

Boston said...

where are d posts da??

Anonymous said...

Hi was nice reading thro your posts...esp this one...reminds me of the days we used to go for cricket coaching..Do u remember the match when we were in 6th Std against Vidya Mandir in TKM grounds T.Nagar..i was under the impression that u bowled that day...i know something like this hangs in ur memory forever but it was a good spell dude...was it the MAS trophy which u guys went on to win??

Capricorn 83 said...

Hey Henry,
Yep ur rite,this was the MAS trophy whch we won :)
and yea, i remmbr that match in 6th, no i dint bowl in tht one...but i remmbr u were the topscorer in tht match for us :-)