Friday, September 22, 2006

Movie Review - Vettaiyadu Villayadu

hmm.....To start with, am not a great movie buff, or a great movie enthusiast especially when it comes to watching a movie in theatre. Am extremely choosy when it comes to watching a movie in the big screen!

When a friend asked me if we could go for this movie, without much ado, agreed on it! Seemz like Gautam's Kaaka..Kaaka which I saw in a computer prompted me to watch his 2nd cop movie in a theatre....

This happens to be Gautam's 2nd 'cop sequel' to the sleek and stylish 'Kaaka..Kaaka'. Its all about a cop tracking down a serial killer. The movie reminds you of Medical Detectives in Discovery Channel and Reader's digest (in case you've read something abt the serial killers)! The movie has Kamal in the lead role as a cop in his 40's investigating the death of a girl. Kamal looks smart in the police uniform and too old other times. A series of murders in New York beckons Kamal. The movie is fast paced and racy. The background music has been very supportive in this. But somehow, the movie invariably reminds you of Kaaka..Kaaka many a times. Be it the character portayal, or the climax plot. Seemz like Gautam seemz to have run short of ideas this time around. Am not gonna reveal much the movie and lemme knw if u liked it!

Hits in the movie (+)

The introduction title song is great and sets the movie the much required zest.
The background music is excellent and Harris has done a good job.
Songs are peppy and good - all credits go to Harris again - Vennilave esp is too good!
Prakashraj as ever with his sterling, flawless performance.
Kamal has done a good job, in fact would've been good if he had tried to reduce his paunches (possible that he wanted to depict a typical Indian police officer in his 40's and hence...) :)
Kamalinee Mukherjee is adorable though she does a small stint in the movie.
Many would feel Jyotika looked dull and gloomy in the movie - the characher demanded that, and I think she'z done a fair role to her portrayal of the charachter!

Misses in the movie (-)

The movie seemed quite gory and bloody. Couldve reduced a bit! :(
The baddies have been stereotyped as being typical - long haired, foul mouthed desi - rowdies
Many names used in the movie seem to remind you of K..K (eg Maya, Ela)
Each and every character in the movie seem to have a 'flashback' - (Kamal, Jyotika, Prakashraj et al)
At times, felt certain dialogues and sequences defy logic - 'Raghavan Instinct' and Kamal's tracking down the murder scene in the US when NYPD have not been able to do !! (common accepted Indians are brainy than the Americans but Kamal using the same logic as the one he used in the Indian village sounds really silly), Why havent the family of Jyotika not contacted Kamal when she was kidnapped?
How the killers escape from the Mumbai airport - this is hilarious, i must say!
The last song 'Nerruppae...' in the second half was a speed breaker in the movie. The movie never required this song, it literally slowed down the pace of the movie.

Its fast paced, racy thriller, has all the ingredients of a box office, and is definitely better than the run-of-the-mill movies from Kodambakkam, and can watch it once!

Final Say - Though the movie would've benefitted from the hype, hungama and even
hit the box office, am pretty sure those who watched Kaaka...Kaaka and expected
the movie to be of that standard would ve felt the movie is a let down!

Let's wait and see how the last of the last sequel to the 'Cop Trilogy' fares in the box office.