Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Donate Blood, Save Life

Been a while since i've posted something and something sensible. Hope this makes for a good read at the same time being useful. Donating blood has not been something new to me. I've been a regular donor ever since my 1st year at college. But this one's gonna be quite different.
I received a call in my mobile stating that someone needed blood for a open-heart surgery. I immediately accepted it happy to be of some assistance to someone. Later I came to know that the patient turned out to be a small kid - 4 months old, and is undergoing the open-heart surgery. I took sometime from office on the 21st noon. Reached the hospital - (Frontier Healthline) by rick. Spoke to the kid's dad - with whom I've been touchbasing through mobile the previous week. Got to meet the child - was barely 4 months old. After conversing for a while, went to the blood donation center. For those who've not donated blood it is not a painful process. Its very simple.

Pre-donation process - Filled in a form and provide your address and contact number - (to confirm that you've not been on a drug medication, have not smoked of consumed alcohol in the last 24 hours, have not had any illness over the last few months, have not had jaundice, thyphoid in last 6 months etc). Then the basic checks were conducted (Testing your blood group for haemoglobin count (to check if you are anaemic or not) and weight (>50kg is the basic criteria but varies on cases to case basis).

Once through, was led into the room to donate blood. The entire process just takes say about 10 - 15 minutes, and voila, its over!!

Post-donation process
Refreshments are provided to pep up the fluid levels in your body, and a few minutes of rest (to ensure you are fit to handle the day ahead)

The best part is the above process in its entirety took just around 40 minutes. And at the end of it, in fact you've not lost anything. The blood cells are going to be replaced back by new ones in just 24 hours. And thats not all you can get back home with a profound happiness of saving someone in dire need - hence the slogan worldwide - 'Donate blood - save life'
So the next time you ever felt syringes and injections are scaring you away, think twice!!! who knows you are just away from being a saviour for someone!

Definitely, the recent xperience of mine is goin to be very special for me - a simple reason that, I've been able to meet the person who is goin to benefit!! Xtremely happy for that! Received a call this evening from the kid's dad that she'z alright now! Happy that 've been of some assistance to someone in some way :-) !!

More useful info on the same topic will be coming up soon!!

Vignesh Raja


Anonymous said...

Cheers Mate

Deepan Kannan said...

Good! I am always scared of bllod and injection. This will help people like me! Hats off to u!

Capricorn 83 said...

hey thtz great Deepan :)
so we can 've u save someone soon :) gud job!

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