Saturday, December 02, 2006

Donate Blood, Save Life - Contd...

As promised,find below the continuation of the series by the same name.

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Came across the below forwarded mail.....

This is applicable only in Chennai!

If you happen to see/witness/involve in an accident, you got following two OPTIONS:

If you have time & Intention you can Take the victims to nearby hospital Provide first aid to the
victims Help the victim to recover conscious -if the injury is minor/negligible .
If you have NO time, but have the intention, you can

Just dial 28230700 and inform them about the accident and place, REST THEY WILL TAKE CARE.

The above number belongs to Trauma care consortium is a non profitable organisation and they
help people who need medical facilities because of a ROAD accident.

If you have time & intention you may share this message with your friends.

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